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Taxi Board Game launches new website

Today, we start the next leg of our journey. We launch our new website, and as we take a few moments to look back we realise just how far we have come. As they say on all the best TV talent shows – it has been an interesting journey!

Taxi Game Ltd. has been in existence for almost 5 years now. Our master plan at outset was simple, to develop a trivia game based on the life of a Taxi driver, with ‘editions’ which would appeal to different targeted customer groups.

We had three foundations on which we wanted to build our games.

1. The better your knowledge, the better your tips
2. A taxi driver has an opinion on every subject
3. The days ‘takings’ are often dependent on luck or good fortune.

And off we went. Looking back you realise just how little we knew when we started. Every day was and still is, a school day.

We quickly established a team of trusted and respected experts with design, print and digital expertise. We called in favours, used personal contacts/friends and family to help us edge closer to our dream. It has been tricky, there were times we considered giving up, but the belief that ‘we had something’ drove us on, even in the less positive times.

As a young company with little knowledge in the murky world of board games we were fortunate to speak with Scottish Enterprise at a very early stage in our development, and they have been a revelation and our mentor John Hughes at Business Gateway is simply a great man, and we will forever be indebted to him for his support and guidance over the years.

The belief shown by Scottish Enterprise in our games has spurred us on, and many of the people we have been introduced to by SE have influenced the direction we have gone in.

Last year we added Professor Lynne Cadenhead to our team as a non-Executive Director and we have recently established an advisory board, crammed with wonderful and talented people.

We have also had the privilege to work with the Universities of Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen over the last 3 years working with students on projects looking at Internationalisation, marketing strategy and digital solutions.

To date we have launched 12 editions of our game so far, and we are certainly gaining momentum and have high hopes for future editions with some very ‘sexy’ partners in the coming months.

Thanks for reading our first blog post. The first post was to give a little more background to Taxi Game Ltd. In the future we plan to cover a wide variety of game related topics which will share our thoughts and experiences as a young board game company hoping to find its way in this ever changing world.